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Regulatory Compliance Readiness

The past few years have seen an increase in regulations to protect customers and consumers sensitive data. Existing regulations are being reviewed and enforcement is on the rise. Organisations that operate across different countries or who process sensitive data are impacted by these existing and new regulations.

We help our clients to assess the state of readiness of both business processes as well as implemented technology and software to comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR (Europe), POPIA (South Africa) and the CCPA (California).

Data Protection Consulting and Training

Organisations across the world are faced with the critical task of implimenting both data protection strategies and supporting technologies throughout the relevant business units. Whilst drafting a strategy may be the easiest task in the journey to achieving compliance, the practical implementation of data protection requirements across an organisation is not a simple undertaking, especially for organisations that have legacy systems and large amounts of unstructured data.

We also support our customers on their journey towards achieving compliance from the business case, to developing a strategy and a practical operating model and roadmap to implementation and periodic assessment and review. We also provide data protection training and contract staffing to support data protection programs.

Data Protection Technology

Bahati Tech provides data protection business process management software. This technology platform ensure the sustainability of your data protection intervention by consolidating data protection activities across the organisation on an enterprise-wide platform, automating document checks and updates and prompting actions where required. It also facilitates the continuous process of training and raising awareness in the organisation.

We are also resellers of industry-leading data backup software and data availability software

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Why Hire Us

  • We Are Passionate About What We Do

    We're passionate about data protection and the principle of protecting customer sensitive information that is collected for specific use. The customer's right to privacy is enshrined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and as proponents of "Tech for Good", we endeavour to help organisations to achieve this important task. Our role in assisting organisations to achieve their data protection ambitions is in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 which aims to “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

  • We Are Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals

    Our staff are trained and experienced Data Privacy Professionals who understand data protection regulations and also have the technical background to drive implementation.

  • We Pay Attention to Basic Principles

    We focus on the basic principles to give our customers a pleasant experience and hassle-free engagements. We deliver on our commitments of high quality, focus on customer service, timeous delivery within budget and a high level of confidentiality

  • We Are a Fast Growing Boutique Firm

    As an an organisation with a niche focus, we have grown our company by participating in a number of development programs to ensure we deliver a professional service. We have also won several industry awards.

  • We have a Level 1 BBBEE Score and We're 100% Black Women Owned

    We are 100% Black Women Owned and 100% Black Managed - we are considered a Value Added Supplier in terms of BBBEE recognition. We have a commitment to further enhance the national prerogatives aimed at battering social conditions of South African citizens. We have CSI initiatives to engage young black girls in technology. Keep an eye in our social media for our events


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