Company Statement in response to the Global Covid-19 Pandemic

Bahati Tech (PTY) Ltd takes the threat posed by the recent coronavirus outbreak very seriously. Our approach is based on guidance from the following sources:

The World Health Organization (WHO)

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

Regulations and Guidelines – Coronavirus Covid-19  

Our approach as a business:

As Bahati Tech (PTY) Ltd we will strive to continue providing our Data Protection services and meet our obligations to our clients while carefully adhering to the National Lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa. In doing this, we will take into account governmental advice coupled with our real-world experiences to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders.

Should we or one of our customers cancel or curtail any activity, then our standard contractual terms will be applied regarding any payments made or due.  

Our staff will continue to reasonably fulfil their roles and their obligations to our customers; any changes to this expectation will be informed by government advice and communicated both to staff and to our clients accordingly.

Training and consultancy delivery:

From a training and consultancy delivery perspective, the business will take the following approach:

All in-person engagements will be postponed for the time being. We are taking proactive measures to make online consulting and training available and where necessary and feasible, we will move all pre-planned consultancy engagements to online platforms. 

Our other business lines and services that are delivered remotely are unaffected by this policy.